The Buddha is flexing

Last Thursday, India successfully tested its first ICBM. The Agni 5 missile is India's first weapon with proven strike capability to major Chinese cities. But despite the elation in Delhi this week - coupled with a near-dismissal of Pakistan's attempt at retaliation - will this great leap forward of nuclear deterrence merely inflame tensions between Asia's biggest players?

In a recent article for Foreign Policy, US nonproliferation expert Scott Roecker and PRIO researcher Jason Miklian argue that although the test was ostensibly about military strategy, it was also at least as much about restoring an Indian psyche still smarting after falling behind China in the global emerging power race. Are they right? And with the USA and NATO basically signing off on the tests with scarcely a whimper, is the west tacitly approving a new nuclear arms race? Read the entire article here:

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